The Indiana HVAC Association exists to bring together the leading companies and contractors throughout the state of Indiana for the purpose of developing quality expertise and promoting the highest level of customer service and business operations throughout the HVAC industry.

Members of the Indiana HVAC Association seek to elevate the profession through the following expectations and standards:

  • Compliance with all ordinances and laws prescribed by Federal, State, and local governments, pertaining to our business.
  • Maintaining a clean, respectable, well-identified place of business commensurate with the high standards of our profession.
  • Engineering, designing, installing, and servicing HVACR systems in accordance with industry standards.
  • Generating an understanding of proper equipment selection that would assure the customer of safe, dependable, and comfortable performance.
  • Resolve to uphold the highest ethical standards of selling, advertising, pricing, installation and service guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.
  • Increasing our efficiency through educational programs to contribute a portion of our time and the thought to the advancement of our industry through our Association.
  • Promoting the growth of the industry through closer cooperation between the Indiana HVAC Association contractors and the manufacturers, wholesalers, and utilities serving our industry.
  • Yielding an excellent policy of customer relationship and service and uphold the policies and warranties of the manufacturer.
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